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Vacation rentals have been around for years and are gaining popularity among vacationers. It’s no wonder, because whether you rent a cottage, condo or home, renting a vacation property provides all the comforts of home along with great value.

If you think that renting a vacation home is reserved for the rich, think again. The price is often comparable , or even less, than a hotel room. That is particularly the case for large families who are left with few options in a hotel. They must either cram a cot into a regular room and share a very crowded bathroom or break the budget by booking two rooms. Plus, families can save additional money when they rent a vacation home by eating some meals in.

The benefits don’t end there. Rent a vacation home and everyone has their own bedroom… and often their own bathroom too! Pools are an added plus in many Hilton Head vacation homes, and they don’t come with screaming kids unless you bring your own. Most vacation homes come fully, and beautifully, furnished. Many include bed linens, towels and fully-equipped kitchens. All you bring is your clothes, personal items and food.

Renting a vacation home maybe be the most relaxing and convenient vacation experiences ever. No running down a hallway for ice, no heavy slamming hotel doors, no loud voices or flushing toilets waking you at midnight, and no getting up early for a minimal stale continental breakfast. Instead, you can enjoy a leisurely fresh cup of coffee and breakfast by the pool in the morning in your bathrobe. I bet you’ve never considered doing that from a hotel room.

Here are some helpful tips for you find the best vacation rental on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina:

  • Vacation home rentals listings can be found on this website, in magazines, newspapers, online and through rental agencies.

  • One of the best ways to find a vacation rental is to ask friends and neighbors. A recommendation from someone who has stayed in a particular home or used a particular rental agency can offer great insight.

  • Official area convention and visitor bureau Web sites like the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce can be another source of rental listings.

  • Be sure to know who you are dealing with. Some individual rental owners advertise on rental directory sites, so you will deal directly with the unit’s owner. Other rental owners hire a management company to handle rentals and maintenance. Both can provide top notch, great experiences!

  • Understand the property "views" and "orientations" that may be listed on certain vacation properties. For instance, the difference in ocean-side versus oceanfront versus direct oceanfront may make a great deal of difference for some vacationers. It can really screw up your hopes of watching the sun rise with your morning coffee if you happen to be facing a "garden view" instead. Also, when a property mentions a "short walk to the beach", you may find it helpful to inquire as to the actual distance. For some, a short walk may be 2 blocks, and for others, it may be 2 steps.

  • Get the rental agreement in writing. Make sure it specifies dates along with check-in and check-out times.

  • Understand the specific deposit and payment requirements and assure your agreement clearly spells out your rental responsibilities.

  • Ask lots of questions like: Do I need to provide bedding or towels? How many parking spaces are available for the unit? Are a washer/dryer provided, or will I need to visit a Laundromat? Will I be responsible for any cleaning when leaving the house?

  • Don't be shy to ask about seasonal incentives like discounted golf or local activities passes. Often times, vacation rental owner may include these items with your rental. Rentals through offer local discounted golf passes with your rental.

  • If you get a “bad feeling” because of a hesitation to answer questions, move on to the next listing.

  • When renting directly from an owner, please allow sufficient time for the owner to return your call or email. Unlike vacation rental agencies, the owner may not be seating by the phone 24 hours waiting for you. However, if the owner does not communicate with you in a timely manner, please consider another inquiry or another property.

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