Why Rent on Hilton Head

A Reason to Rent in Hilton Head

We're glad you're here to explore vacation rentals as a lodging option for your vacation time on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Explore this website and see just how much variety you have in choosing the perfect vacation place. Through our years of experience in Island hospitality, we have found that Hilton Head travelers most commonly refer to “three A's” when choosing a rental property: Amenities, Ambiance and Areas.

Vacation Rental Amenities

Many owners stay in their properties a few weeks a year, so their homes and villas are equipped with all the comforts of home and a whole lot of extras in many cases, which can include

  • Fully Equipped Chef’s Kitchens
  • Gas Barbecue Grills
  • Private Pools, Hot Tubs and Fitness Rooms
  • Entertainment Centers with HD Televisions
  • WiFi Wireless Broadband Internet
  • PLUS many vacation homes and villas have access to community amenities like pools and tennis courts.

Hilton Head Island Ambiance

Hilton Head Island is a vacation destination built around ambiance, so when you travel here, pay careful attention to your selection of vacation rentals. Maybe your dream vacation is a charming beach condo tucked away in a lush resort setting. Or what about a spot right on the beach where your morning begins with the warm Carolina sun rising over the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Maybe you need a private home that offers privacy for a larger family yet also allows gatherings around the pool where special vacation moments can be shared as the sun sets. Enjoying all the natural beauty this island has to offer is the key to a memorable vacation.

Areas of the Island

The main areas (or Plantations) divide Hilton Head into secluded neighborhoods which provide a wide variety in accommodations. For golf enthusiasts, there are villas and private homes situated along the rolling fairways and manicured greens of first-class golf courses. Nature lovers will adore the spectacular views from numerous properties that overlook wildlife-inhabited lagoons, serene landscaped resorts, and Hilton Head’s picturesque beachfront.

Top 10 reasons why vacation rentals
are better than staying in a hotel
(Besides the In-Laws).

  1. Average costs are comparable to hotel rates.
  2. The obvious, privacy and space for everyone.
  3. Save money. Cook meals in a full size kitchen.
  4. Access to the gated community and amenities.
  5. Enjoy larger sized pools and fitness areas.
  6. Share more than just one bathroom.
  7. The average property has 3 full bathrooms.
  8. Enjoy a family barbeque on the deck or outdoors.
  9. Most have convenient front door parking.
  10. Laundry access - why take home dirty laundry?

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